Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Charming

I want to brag a little bit before I share the digi stuff. This is a bird my sister made at a workshop in Buffalo with Wendy. Isn't it beautiful?
I am totally jealous that she got to take that workshop and I didn't!!! So jealous that the day of the workshop I sent her a text message, knowing she would think it was and emergency and look and all it was - was a dirty joke about Kermit the frog and Ms. Piggy nuff said.... I knew she would start giggling and it was going to bring attention to her and I wanted the teacher to ask her what was so funny. I know childish butttttttt I miss my sissy and love to make her laugh. You can see more of the birds at Studio 490 just click on "Wendy" or "Studio 490" along with some more amazing art. And AND! she gave the birdie to her daughter! LOL well I love my niece but if I had the chance.....

Giving a try at charms, my gold one isn't so gold so I am thinking I need to download a gold gradient for them but the concept is good. On second thought it almost looks like one of the cheapo charms you use to get at the five and dime when we were kids lol.

I like the vellum tag it almost looks real. Now I do wonder what if I just scan the stuff in and select it and get rid of the background. Maybe it would be the same especially if I added an inner bevel. Lord knows I have a lot of stuff to scan if I choose to.

I wonder about the digital scrappers, do they just take the pictures and scan most of their stuff? Do they really digitally produce this stuff? Hee hee always looking for the easy way out.

One thing to know is that all these photos and digitally produced items take up a bunch of space on your computer so if you don't have an external hard drive, you need to use a flash drive or even CD's to keep all this stuff on or you will eventually run out of room and crash. So because of that .... today I will be busy cleaning out my puter so I don't crash and burn.


Anonymous said...

that bird is so cute, I bet you wish you had one too!hee-hee
Buf sis

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