Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloweenieing Around

I have been busy honest I have.
I made this arrangement and another smaller one just like it.

Then, I made an inchie and a twinchie accordian book for Halloween oh and the candy corn cone too. I got the cute little Halloween tree at Bealls for only $4.95 at the 70% off sale.

The twinchie unfolded this is the front.

The inchie unfolded this is the front.

The back of the inchie book, now I don't know why it looks yellow when in fact it is pumpkin orange and holligram glitter and it says "Happy Halloween" it is much nicer in person.

A closer look at the inchie.

The back of the twinchie that says "Trick or Treat"

and finally!

A closeup of the Candy Corn Cone.

Also I manage to finish my 120 pages for the fat book exchange over at the Art Tech Group and mailed them out. Too bad I was missing part of my brain that day, I forgot to take pictures! Can you say C h e m o b r a i n ??? It was like as soon as I got in the car to leave the post office, I looked at Cody, he looked at me like what ma? and there it was OMG I forgot to take a picture of the pages! oh well once I get the fat book I will post pics. I also managed to post on my other blog, small steps for some but, for me lately giant step for da Moon! Ha ha well someone needs a sense of humor around here!

I need to give Honorable Mention to Great Aunt Gerda from Linkoping, Sweden (God rest her soul) for the absolutely gorgeous tatted orange doilies! Aren't they delicious? usually I am not usually an "orange" person but I just love these! Although I don't know why I am not, it is such a happy color.

Moon Whimsy

Yes I changed the name I grew tired of the Starving Artist since I am not really starving anyway. Still not sure I want to keep this name, trying to come up with something else. Any ideas out here? I have plenty but most are already taken and I like to be different.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Different Kind of Art

Meet Molly! Isn't she the cutest little furbaby you ever wanted to see? This is my new "neice" and Cody's new little cousin. I could just love this little gal to pieces!

She told me she can't wait to meet me! I know I can't wait to meet her either. We, well some of us in our family treat our pets like our children .... litterly. I am one of them in that catagory. They have such sweet little souls and love so unconditionally how can you not love them?

So Welcome to the family little furry creature! I can't wait to see you and snuggle, huggle and play with you! Cody will be so jellous so I don't think I will tell him when the time comes.