Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A MoonBud on the Moon's Art Bush

Hi meet my grandson, he is 4 years old going on 18. He came over to visit me and wanted to make a pixie (a boy fairy) is how it was explained to me.

I printed one out and he colored it with his new colored pencils and here it is. I promised him he would be able to see it on the Internet and everyone knows that Grandma's keep their promises especially this one.

Clay always collects little things for me to use, because I make a lot of stuffs. Last week a string "accidentally" fell off of my throw in the living room and he brought it to show me, hiding it behind him. His mother tried to grab it and said throw it out! He protested loudly "no mommy! grandma can use this in her art!" I will probably use that string in my fabric paper somehow just to please him. He gave me a black plastic skeleton from his toy box the other day too, because he just knows I will use it to make something!