Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stranger than Fiction Tag Game

Oh Boy! I’ve been tagged by Ms. Dragonfly aka Dinah ( ) for this 6 weird quirks/habits game. Thank you Ms. Dragonfly (Dinah) for tagging me :D Here are my strange facts!

1. I hate shoes! yes it is true, a female that truly hates shoes. I have even been known to bring my house slippers to parties so I can take off the dang shoes.

2. I have worn makeup everyday since I was 12 without fail. The only time I am without it in public is if I have to have surgery. The reason is because I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows.

3. On my dinner plate nothing touches, no mixing and I eat one thing at a time.

4. I treat my pets like real children, consider their feelings on everything and give them frequent hugs and kisses. I also talk to them constantly, and my puppys place in my bed will be there always.

5. I talk to strangers all the time especially if they look grumpy. I don't know why I do this and only a few times have I regreted it. The strange thing is that in a room full of people I am quiet as a church mouse.

6. Sometimes I can carry on a whole conversation with someone and not know what we talked about. At the time I think I know but opps I forgot! No it isn't a disease I have always been this way since I can remember.

So now there are my strange things....hope you don't think I am way too weird! lol, I think I will tag.....

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And here are the rules:
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6. Most of all have FUN!