Friday, May 15, 2009

I have been busy but neglecting my blog and other stuff...

I have been so busy taking classes at PSPU and today I decided to stop. I found it was taking over my life and although I enjoyed it - it really isn't what I wanted to learn about digital. It is cool though I did get as far as the animations. I like making the PSP tubes the most, that is way cool and collecting Posers now that is cool too. They look like really great comic book figures. There are a lot of them over at deviant art the people generously grant permission to use after they labored for hours on them.

I had to stop and take a copyright class which is always good, problem was that they didn't all seem to be on the same page so I investigated further. Peoples copyrights change like the wind and you have to keep up with it or you will be infringing. I know I wouldn't want to infringe on someones copyright anymore than I would want them to infringe on mine. So that was ALL good.

My digital world will consist of more of my art not someone elses, so I need to learn elements and paper and textures. I would prefer to paint my own and figure out how to digitalize them that is my plan. I think I have been away from actual making for far too long and I have an outrageous amount of stuff! I need to use it.

My sister sent me a really neat book for Photoshop, and I have been playing with that, it is a good one called Digital Designs for Scrapbooking - ABC making your own by Renee Pearson. It came with a CD and once you understand the concept it is quite easy.

There are tons of tutorials out there too if you know where to look for them and depending on which program you use. All in all Paintshop is easier to use and easier to find tuts on but Photoshop is the most powerful.

This Slideshow below is from the Sophomore class

And then the Animations another Slideshow

No Copyright infringment is intended so if you think I have violated your copyright please contact me immediately so I can remove the problem.