Saturday, January 12, 2008

Celebrating My Creative Self

In January LTMMA started some new workshops. One of them is based on Mary Todd Beam's book called "Celebrate Your Creative Self", and graciously being taught to us by Cindy. I don't think it would be kosher if I stated in here exactally what we do in the lessons but I can show you the end results. Here is my first lesson with the end result.

This is the finished for now end result as well. I added some of Amy's Magic Foil to decrease the white, I also outlined it with metallic black paint. What is it about white that makes me unconfortable? I think I relate it to being silent, something of which I am not lol. Not at all sure how I will finish this but I am thinking mosaic tile, thinking I will attach it to a board that has been weathered, or peeled paint effect applied and mosaic tile to frame. Still thinking, not to mention I have alot of these things that are unfinished with BIG plans.
I don't know why the second scan is so much lighter but the actual piece is darker like the first one and what appears black is really a deep magenta. I may have used two differnt programs to make the photo web friendly. Sometimes one works and the other doesn't.