Saturday, March 22, 2008

My new baby

This is my new baby! His name is Cody. Poor baby has been in a cage for the first 3 months of his life. But like Echo, he is free now and loving it!
He is finally trusting me after a whole week! well he sort of trusted me by default but truly trusting is a different thing. He weights 4 lbs now, and next month he will get his big puppy shots. I tried the crate sleep arrangement but he cried so now he sleeep very comfy in the bed right next to my feet. He has alot of fur so I think he gets very warm. Besides for some reason he thinks my toes are yummie!
He told me he may want his very own blog, so he can talk about his life himself not through me. He already shows an interst in art, very abstract of course but interested just the same. His favorite pal next to me happens to be Engima, a black stuffed bear that is bigger than he is. This bear belonged to my oldest daughter Ama. Once Engima took an unexpected trip to NY with me and we left a note to Ama to be good, or the bear gets it! Engima has been around a long time.