Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dream World

This is a little 5 x 5 canvas reconstituted from JoAnns Dollar Bin. (Thanks Sis I never would of thought of that) I drew it all out, masked the little girl with rubber cement then I painted the background, and went on to the little girl. Later I decided to add words because I have been wanting to journal this way.

You can't really see the detail much, the actual canvas is better than the photo but I can only do so much with what I got. I tried to do a close up of the little girl and this is it.

I used inks,acrylic paint,chalks,gesso,rub on stitches, and a black pigment pen for the wording.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrate the Earth!

This is an art journal page I did today, lots of watercolor crayons, pencils, gesso, and gel pen. When I started this fairy I didn't have a plan for her but in the background noise I heard Oprah talking about Earth Day today and bingo!

This is the art journal page I did yesterday. This was inspired from my darling daughters who are having a feud with some other people over at my space. I am trying to make everyone play nice. Wish me luck with that one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stranger than Fiction Tag Game

Oh Boy! I’ve been tagged by Ms. Dragonfly aka Dinah ( ) for this 6 weird quirks/habits game. Thank you Ms. Dragonfly (Dinah) for tagging me :D Here are my strange facts!

1. I hate shoes! yes it is true, a female that truly hates shoes. I have even been known to bring my house slippers to parties so I can take off the dang shoes.

2. I have worn makeup everyday since I was 12 without fail. The only time I am without it in public is if I have to have surgery. The reason is because I have blonde eyelashes and eyebrows.

3. On my dinner plate nothing touches, no mixing and I eat one thing at a time.

4. I treat my pets like real children, consider their feelings on everything and give them frequent hugs and kisses. I also talk to them constantly, and my puppys place in my bed will be there always.

5. I talk to strangers all the time especially if they look grumpy. I don't know why I do this and only a few times have I regreted it. The strange thing is that in a room full of people I am quiet as a church mouse.

6. Sometimes I can carry on a whole conversation with someone and not know what we talked about. At the time I think I know but opps I forgot! No it isn't a disease I have always been this way since I can remember.

So now there are my strange things....hope you don't think I am way too weird! lol, I think I will tag.....

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And here are the rules:
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6. Most of all have FUN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something different

I made this Butterfly Woman out of polyclay. The design is Donna Kato's basic design from her book "The Art of Polymere Clay". I don't usually dabble in clay, but I do like it. Not sure if it will be a pin, decoration on a book, pendant or what have you. I just wanted to play with clay.

This is a shoe I made from my leather and ostrich paper. Over at the Paper Transformed Workshop we are making these papers along with many others. This is my project from the papers. The shoe is from a pattern from Ellen Hutson.

Monday, April 14, 2008


This is the end result. I am not real happy with it but I am tired of messing around with it. I think it lacks the proper perspective. I am not good at this sort of thing but I played just the same.

The is a close up of the seashore on my Creative Self Workshop exercise. I used sand, and salt, paints, chalks, of course some Gel Medium to stick it all together. I also incorporated some decorative paste? not sure what it is called.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Over at the Creative Self group we are working on seascapes. Here is my preliminary pic. I used fine sand and gel medium for the the bottom, I have actually added more since this picture but that will come another day. I am adding texture with some texture paste, and yarn and teenie little sea shells from Daytona or Sanible or somewhere. I always collect this stuff but do not remember where I got it from. This is far from done but when it is I will show ya all. I do not have much faith in this one so we will see and I will show good or bad.

I am also working a bunch of other stuff but have not been on it due to not feeling too great lately but will get some more pics up asap. I did doodle a bunch of alphabets for Milliande's Creativity Club on Yahoo but the too will post another day. I was thinking of making another blog for that stuff in case someone wants to use them for journals and such. Any ideas out here?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some Stuff I Did

This is a card I made for a challenge over at Latest Trends. Thank you Inka for sponsoring! Inka Stamps provided the stamp, and 10 of us had to provide the imagination. This is a way cool monthly challenge that the girls over at Latest Trends cooked up. Oh did I say I won the challenge? humble as I am tee hee. Well I could not have won anything if it were not for the support of my fellow artsy friends. Thanks to you all.

This next photo is a mountainscape I made for an exercise over at the sister group of Latest Trends in the Creative Self workshop. This is using the techniques of Mary Todd Beam from her book Celebrate Your Creative Self.
It is many layers of arcylic, gel medium, watercolor, ink, crayon, tissue paper, kraft papers ect. The next one will be a seascape, still trying to decide on that one.

Finally this is a doodle that I got carried away with. I joined another group called Milliande Creativity which is pretty cool. Milliande makes youtube videos on journaling and such. She is asking for hand drawn letters in black and white for others to use in journals. So I started to make an "A" because I love drawing letters. Well she mentioned another project of making a journal with doodles, magazine pics ect and I was on the phone and this happened. Too bad it isn't in a journal but I can paste it in if I want to as there are no rules to journaling! How cool is that?

Relay For Life

Well the books are closed and my Doctor's booth raised $500.00 plus for the Relay For Life! Every little bit helps! It was a small relay because it rained all weekend. I did not get to attend because I got the flu the day before and could not manage to get out of the house. Yes the flu, I caught it from the emergency room visit a few days before. *Note to Self - Stay OUT of the EMERGENCY ROOMS even if it is and emergency! I sat there for 11 hours, one hour would of probably gotten me the same results, and I would not have gone but my surgeon sent me there.


Thank You everyone for all your help and as soon as I can I will have a proper thank you in the mail! Nothing much but a little something just to say thanks for your support.

Now on to what this blog is all about ART! if you want to know the personal junk you will have to go to the other blog of mine - the link is on the left under things that matter to me.