Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Hankie Birdie

So I was thinking........I have a ton of vintage hankies and buttons so perhaps I could make a bird out of something like that. This is the result of that random thought.

First I had to iron the delicate hankie to some batting to give it strength because this hankie was so think and fragile feeling, then I quilted some of the flowers and the eye area.

I added a bead for the eyes, naturally my bird has long eyelashes too. I used floral wire for his legs and feet, attached the wings, stuffed him, sewed him shut and then I realised I forgot to add the comb and tail feathers!

So it took me a little while but decided to add the silver beads with the feathers instead of all the tiny little size 15 beads that I painstakingly strung on wire a few days ago. I will just use them on another project because believe me size 15 glass beads is enough to make a person blind.

This is a view from the top because I wanted to show the edge of the hankie I had to stitch to another section of hankie to make it all work the way I wanted it to. After it was all said and done I added a little bit of very fine glitter to the posies to give some glitz! Oh how I love glitter!

My photography isn't that great but I do try to capture what I see that is why to different angles and backgrounds.