Friday, July 30, 2010


My Stars and Stripes project is finally done, well as far as I want to take it.  I added some beads, the really cool ladies and some screen mesh stars that I cut out and textured.  It is ok but nothing great.

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I am really concentrating on Mrs. Keys at the moment and trying to work my way through the next steps.  I have most of her body assembled out of fabric and some clay, now I need to decide if I am going to cover that fabric with clay or (if I can find my gesso) just paint it.  Then the clothes which I just keep changing my mind on.  Another lesson learned is that when I painted her head and face, I gave little thought about the paint I mixed for the color and now have the task of trying to match it.  Wish me some luck with that because I was not really thinking about it and it could be hard to match now ....after the fact.  I also want to try my hand at some free motion embroidery with my machine and I am fairly certain that I cannot drop the feed dog on either of my machines.  Didn't they use to make a feed dog cover back in the day?  I will have to ask my Mom that one. 

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What does Mrs. Keys and Quiltie Stars n Stripes have in common?

Not a daburn thing!  This is just some of my current obsessions.  The first is Mrs. Keys, named so after a sweet lady I have known for a very long time.  She is alot quirky and I am hoping to capture some of that quirkiness in this doll head. 


She is made from paperclay and my first ever hand sclupted paperclay doll head ever!  If you have seen my other dolls they were always from fabric, although a long time ago I use to carve cypress knees into people.  I started her yesterday, today I sanded and painted and decided keep on going.  There is a sketch of what I want her to look like next to the raw head.  We will see if I can pull this off or not but hey if not, I can always try again!  Tomorrow I will varnish her and add hair and maybe more paint if needed,  I just love her eyelashes!  and yes I know she looks a little bit bugeyed lol she is suppose to look that way.  I know way differnt than my norm but hey who said what is normal or not normal?

Next up is my little quiltie thingy.  Not sure what to call it but is is suppose to be the FAMM monthly challenge piece using stars and stripes.  I am still working on getting the hang of this fiber art stuff, I get it but I really don't have the supplies I need to make really cool stuff so I am using what I have at my disposal and my imagination.  I guess it isn't too bad and I am not sure if I am done with it or not.  It will eventually be framed and put in my bathroom for something different to look at.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

While I was in Buffalo, NY I went to another class at Buffalo Stamps and sorry I do not remember the insturctors name other than Cari and she was from Pima.  She supplied the canvas house and all the pretty little embellishments and do dads.  The picture above is the front cover.

Back Cover

I think it is pretty!

Monday, July 5, 2010


New York! Well what can I say it was fun at times and not so fun at times! All in all I am so glad I went to see my beautiful family. I travelled a lot while there first flying in to Buffalo, then taking the train to Albany, and in between that travelled here and there and everywhere. Then back to Buffalo by train, finally to arrive back home. In all I was gone 2 and 1/2 months.

While I was there I started a canvas that was done haphazardly here and there just like my life takes it's twist and turns so did the canvas. It is painted on fabric and sewn and embellished. The only name I can give it if it must have a name is Chaos! The hectic pace of my visit reflects my life on the move.

The picture is scanned in two segments and I tried to knit them together in photo shop but it appears to have a seam on the right that isn't there. This really is just one continuous piece.

I also made this little tag book. Can you guess what it is made of?

A toilet paper roll! I think it came out rather cute and I can see a bunch of them to make a tag book.

I made my way to Pennsylvania too to visit more family, that was a very good visit so refreshing! Just look at what I saw...

That is Jack's Mountain. As I sat on my cousin Judy's porch that was my view, so peaceful! On top of that mountain are 3 crosses but you can not see them in my pic. Later on I will do a post about that mountain and a picture I drew in my journal.
On the way down a treacherous mountain we got in a fit of giggles by the time we got to the bottom I was thankful!

I went to an art show in Lockport, NY and picked up a few items. My sister bought a fantastic picture and a beautiful gourd!

and then she went and got a kitty! So sweet...

On the way home I asked her what she was going to name her and she said Coco, so I said OH! like Coco Channel? so that is her name Coco Channel! My sister wears Chanel No 5 a lot and I loved the movie so that is where I got the Channel part. If she thought that first she didn't mention it but she may have, we think alike sometimes.

I played around with paper clay too, and not sure where I will use these but I brought them home and some of that clay too!

And made some pretty flowers...

I did a picture with Citra Solve cleaner. You paint a magazine with citra solve and let it sit for about 20 minutes, press out the ink between sheets of absorbent paper then peel your pages and let them dry. After they are dry you find an image using your imagination and draw it out with a pen. It is a lot like looking at clouds and seeing images.

Finally it was time to get ready for the Tim Holtz weekend at Buffalo Stamps! I was soooooooooo excited! I will make another post about that weekend because it will be lengthy and this one post is already long. I decided to make an apron to wear because I usually tend get paint, glue, ink, fibers, chocolate etc. all over me when I work!

My sister made me a name tag so I wouldn't forget who I was....

Well that's it for now and if you have stayed this long THANK YOU! for reading my gibberish. I will be posting again soon about the Tim Holtz weekend but right now, my daughter from NY (the one I just visited) is here for a visit! LOL she missed her Moma!