Saturday, May 24, 2008

Viva La Freida!

Meet Freida Kahol, accomplished and astounding woman. She as most of you know was a great painter back in the 40's and 50's doing mostly surreal type self portraits. I have quite a few regular snapshots of her and picked one for the photo manipulation challenge over on the Yahoo Groups. I am a great fan of Freida's so I hope that it will not upset her spirit that I changed her photo a bit.

This is the part where the manipulation comes in. I used colored chalks, so ink and a bit of gold acrylic paint for her necklace and earrings. I used a linnen cardstock for paper that I got from Marcos at Stampfest/Orlando last year. I am not real happy with the way the face came out but it was ment to be changed so it is that. Freida didn't ever wear makeup so that would be out of her element. Freida loved bright and bold colors as well as flowers. Her house that she shared with Diego was painted bright blue so I imagined herself standing at the wall calling him pi zone, most of the time she was angry with him but he loved him as much as she hated him.