Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Number You Have Reached Has Been Temporairly Disconnected!

And the Valentines Tree.

It seems lately, that I have been disconnected in a lot of area's concerning life in general. I have had an artist block from hell going, my logic has flown out the window(due in part from trying to learn digital), I do not understand humanity at all and to top it off, my Internet will not entirely engage lately, and now my phone disconnects when I try to say "Goodnight, I Love YOU!" sorry sis. Not to mention my brain but ehhhh..............we won't go there just now.

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyywho I said I would post my pitiful Valentine Tree so here it is.

A close up and yes I know it really isn't anything special but at least I made the effort!

I will end this particular post with my Best Wishes and Love and yes I am working on a few things which I will post about later. Right now?.................night, night!