Friday, August 29, 2008

One Creative Queen

Someone named the Creative Queen left me a comment on my Rainbow Shimmer Button Fairy post from last January. As is a ususal custom for me if I have the way to see the persons who leave me comments I always visit their blogs.

This is an amazing talented single mom who creates whimisical faces of clay, books, quilts and artsy crafty stuff such as candles, centerpieces and pincushions. She has some beautiful watches that she made also. You have to go to the bottom of her page and view the slideshows but it is worth it. She talks of quilts, I am anxious to see.

One thing she mentions in the last post is where to find small amounts of fabrics. One thing I have learned is that if you go to the thrift stores and junque shops you can find fabric and buttons, zippers, buckles and clasps all sorts of goodies. You gleen the stuff off of clothing that they sell for cheap. I have gotten some beautiful beads, lace, appliques with sequins and silk. I am now looking for wool but being in florida that will be a tough one to find. If you have any other ideas please take the time to post to her blog at One Creative Queen. She also has a contest going on, and it ends the 31st. So hurry on over there and show some love!