Monday, January 21, 2008

Can you take another Button Fairy???

Well I just couldn't help myself I had to make another fairy. This is a maddening disease indeed! What is it about making things that puts us on a tear to start making certain things over and over?

My sister sent me something called Textiva, it is Angelina in the Raw so to speak. This cellophane stuff is what they spin that great fiber Angelina out of. She sent it after seeing my button fairy with the knee hi wings and thought I would be able to fashion great wings out of it. This is my first try, and to say it was easy is not doing it justice. Way easier than one would think. I can think of a few other ways to make wings out of this stuff so you may be seeing MORE button fairies! Just what we need a bazillion button fairies flying around. Perhaps it will be a button dragonfly! See what I mean?

She is a real "air head"

This time for her head I used air dry clay, and instead of a full head she has half a head and lays a bit flatter to the wall. Baby blue feathers and styrofoam berries adorn her head, oh and a jewel here and there. The look on her puss is kind of like a "yeah sure you will" look, one that I sport often enough to recognize especially when talking to certain members of my family or even looking in the mirror when I just happen to be talking to myself.

The top button is abalone shell and looks like it may have been on a coat? No idea these buttons as the others came out of my dear (mil) Esther's collection.

*NOTE* The previous fairy needed a name and there were so many wonderful names to pick from I printed out all the names and my grandson and I put them in a bag and he drew the name Rainbowshimmer - thank you Melissa the Altered Diva!