Sunday, October 10, 2010

Introducing Catrina! or La calavera Catrina

So I was making dolls again instead of being responsible and working, or doing?......whatever!  LOL a girl must play to make a happy day! and with Halloween right over the horizon comes along Day of the Dead.
Catrina is made from cold porcelain, fabric, plastic, well you can see for yourself.  She was fun to paint!
Here is her backside which I just wanted to show off her shawl lol.  That is a vintage scarf that is pretty darn old but I don't know exactly how old.  I thought it was very Monet(ish) and it matched.  The flowers o her head were painted to match because they were nothing bright like now.
The Day of the Dead or Des Los Muertos is also referred to as Day of the Innocents or Day of the Little Angels.   The Lady of the Dead is Catrina or la calavera Catrina, a skeleton lady with a brightly colored dress and flowers.  The actual flowers should be gold marigolds because they are said to attract the souls to the offerings.  Back in the day the Mexican culture use to take a deceased loved ones favorite foods to the cemetery along with candles and wine.  It is a celebration of their past.

Here is a side view just because.  I find it interesting that the Mexicans I know, told me that no one celebrates like that anymore, well except for the old folks who are still alive and that most of it is done for tourist.  I suppose like we take flowers to peoples graves, it is also fading in the past for many.  The Halloween pumpkin is all my doing, they don't do that but I just had to because I wanted to make a pumpkin, no other reason.  They use to make candied pumpkin as a treat and an offering so hmmmm maybe my pumpkin isn't out of place at all. 

Everyone in my family so far that has seen her thinks she is creepy and I am off my rocker!  lol