Sunday, January 13, 2008

FREEBIE! From My Private Collection

These are a few of the postcards from my private collection. They belonged to my Grandmother. Please use them for personal use only, not for resale. Save them to your own computer by right clicking.

I am Sooooooooooo LAZZzzzzy Today!

It is a gloomy day here in Florida, raining and cloudy, no sunshine whine whine. I need my daily dose of sun to brighten my attitude otherwise I start to stink! well attitude wise that is.

I went to BIG Lots today, to get something or other that I really needed(yeah right)and I found the clearance items in the Christmas junque' and I found a really cool little box in the shape of a house. I paid fifty cents for it. I also got a little tin of flowers, with no middles (for lack of the correct word). People use them in scrapbooking and making faries ect. I will most likely add some to my fabric paper after I dye them the color I want. They are pastel and I am not a pastel person, although I do like it sometimes.

I am thinking I will make my house with my ABC's from Belinda's swap that I joined last December. Then I think maybe I will put a handle on it, and do this and that! I know... I have serious crafting issues but it makes me happy, and you never know it could make you happy if you signed up for the pay it forward from a previous post. I like to make things and then I do not know what to do with them, happens all the time.

I shelled a bag of almonds today too. I am going to make almond paste, yummie! I was inspecting the shells and pulling the fishnetty membrane from the shell and my hubby who thinks I am on drugs! asked me what the H-double crooked letter am I doing? I showed him my prize, and he said oh something for your art? He is an old dog but he is learning his tricks nicely, it only took 26 years of training! Just kidding, I can't help but to smart off every now and again!

Just to tell you how fast my pea brain thinks (about crafting) I just posted something to someone about the Button Fairy and link to the pattern by Sherry Goshen and thought I may do a trade ....buttons for ? I will think on that for a short while.