Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yadda ...yadda ...yadda..............

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted in a few days. Just a little busy I guess.

The last few days I have had some really good news, some not so good and some just yet to be determined.

I have been selling stuff on Ebay again, now that's a chore in itself and why does everyone want to buy stuff I would rather keep? Click on Ebay to see my junk....PLEASE!


and then why does my hubby find it necessary to talk to Rachael Ray on the TV????? OMFG! like she can hear him.....................truly I do wonder what she would say back to him and his comments. Oh well like I should complain since he isn't hanging out in places I would rather he didn't right?

I have a few busy days coming up with test and such but I have started painting a picture / collage again......thank you SuziBlu! she is inspiration at it's core. Not sure how long that will take me to finish it is on its third layer right now trying to dry in this humidity that the great state of Florida finds necessary to produce daily at approximately at 3pm - yeah everyday. So far we have had something like 23 inches of rain in a week.

In the mean time I did happen to make some ribbons and such digitally and here they are. If you click on them they show up bigger and pretty and then if you want to you can save them and use them since they are optimized. If you do use them just don't claim em but USE them!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Charming

I want to brag a little bit before I share the digi stuff. This is a bird my sister made at a workshop in Buffalo with Wendy. Isn't it beautiful?
I am totally jealous that she got to take that workshop and I didn't!!! So jealous that the day of the workshop I sent her a text message, knowing she would think it was and emergency and look and all it was - was a dirty joke about Kermit the frog and Ms. Piggy nuff said.... I knew she would start giggling and it was going to bring attention to her and I wanted the teacher to ask her what was so funny. I know childish butttttttt I miss my sissy and love to make her laugh. You can see more of the birds at Studio 490 just click on "Wendy" or "Studio 490" along with some more amazing art. And AND! she gave the birdie to her daughter! LOL well I love my niece but if I had the chance.....

Giving a try at charms, my gold one isn't so gold so I am thinking I need to download a gold gradient for them but the concept is good. On second thought it almost looks like one of the cheapo charms you use to get at the five and dime when we were kids lol.

I like the vellum tag it almost looks real. Now I do wonder what if I just scan the stuff in and select it and get rid of the background. Maybe it would be the same especially if I added an inner bevel. Lord knows I have a lot of stuff to scan if I choose to.

I wonder about the digital scrappers, do they just take the pictures and scan most of their stuff? Do they really digitally produce this stuff? Hee hee always looking for the easy way out.

One thing to know is that all these photos and digitally produced items take up a bunch of space on your computer so if you don't have an external hard drive, you need to use a flash drive or even CD's to keep all this stuff on or you will eventually run out of room and crash. So because of that .... today I will be busy cleaning out my puter so I don't crash and burn.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How many programs???

OK - I know you really don't need two programs to make one spread. Unless your me.
I used Photo shop because it is easy to add and take away layers without thinking but then I used PSP to add text, borders, bevels, drop shadows etc.

This is my grandson Clayton and this is a picture from around Dec/Jan 08. The background of the original picture really sucked so I tubed him out and smudged, feathered, erased etc to get a nice clean shot.

Here is the original....

and the cutout or tubed version

I also had a little time to try my hand at Chipboard alphabet well I just did the big A and little a but it came out OK. I tried distressing them with the sponge and marble brushes it worked out pretty well. I know there are grunge brushes out there I am just lazy. I think this would work for making thing look appliqued too.

Well that's it for today....till next time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I have been busy but neglecting my blog and other stuff...

I have been so busy taking classes at PSPU and today I decided to stop. I found it was taking over my life and although I enjoyed it - it really isn't what I wanted to learn about digital. It is cool though I did get as far as the animations. I like making the PSP tubes the most, that is way cool and collecting Posers now that is cool too. They look like really great comic book figures. There are a lot of them over at deviant art the people generously grant permission to use after they labored for hours on them.

I had to stop and take a copyright class which is always good, problem was that they didn't all seem to be on the same page so I investigated further. Peoples copyrights change like the wind and you have to keep up with it or you will be infringing. I know I wouldn't want to infringe on someones copyright anymore than I would want them to infringe on mine. So that was ALL good.

My digital world will consist of more of my art not someone elses, so I need to learn elements and paper and textures. I would prefer to paint my own and figure out how to digitalize them that is my plan. I think I have been away from actual making for far too long and I have an outrageous amount of stuff! I need to use it.

My sister sent me a really neat book for Photoshop, and I have been playing with that, it is a good one called Digital Designs for Scrapbooking - ABC making your own by Renee Pearson. It came with a CD and once you understand the concept it is quite easy.

There are tons of tutorials out there too if you know where to look for them and depending on which program you use. All in all Paintshop is easier to use and easier to find tuts on but Photoshop is the most powerful.

This Slideshow below is from the Sophomore class

And then the Animations another Slideshow

No Copyright infringment is intended so if you think I have violated your copyright please contact me immediately so I can remove the problem.