Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Little Foot Meet My New Grandbaby!

Will ya look at the size of that clod hopper? lol this is my new grandchild who appears to be all foot. She isn't really that big but the pic makes it look like it, and I thought what fun to show.

This baby, who we think? is a girl is due to come into the world in June. The names are still up in the air. Some of the names are Allison, Alexia, Morgan, Sebata and a few more. I wish one of these times someone would pick the name Arabella. I just love that name. Well no matter whatever her name is we will love her!

I can't wait until June! I am planning on going up to NY to attend her comming into the world, you see I get to cut the cord on deliveries. This is our ritual. Hopefully I will be well enough to travel and do this, and that is what I am aiming for right now. I love NY and wish almost everyday that I was there, I miss my family that is up there, the people, the food! lol