Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What does Mrs. Keys and Quiltie Stars n Stripes have in common?

Not a daburn thing!  This is just some of my current obsessions.  The first is Mrs. Keys, named so after a sweet lady I have known for a very long time.  She is alot quirky and I am hoping to capture some of that quirkiness in this doll head. 


She is made from paperclay and my first ever hand sclupted paperclay doll head ever!  If you have seen my other dolls they were always from fabric, although a long time ago I use to carve cypress knees into people.  I started her yesterday, today I sanded and painted and decided keep on going.  There is a sketch of what I want her to look like next to the raw head.  We will see if I can pull this off or not but hey if not, I can always try again!  Tomorrow I will varnish her and add hair and maybe more paint if needed,  I just love her eyelashes!  and yes I know she looks a little bit bugeyed lol she is suppose to look that way.  I know way differnt than my norm but hey who said what is normal or not normal?

Next up is my little quiltie thingy.  Not sure what to call it but is is suppose to be the FAMM monthly challenge piece using stars and stripes.  I am still working on getting the hang of this fiber art stuff, I get it but I really don't have the supplies I need to make really cool stuff so I am using what I have at my disposal and my imagination.  I guess it isn't too bad and I am not sure if I am done with it or not.  It will eventually be framed and put in my bathroom for something different to look at.