Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great Owl

There is a challenge over at the Hive called the "Great Owl Challenge" see the post here about it. You can join in the fun if you belong to the Hive where everything is about friendship, crafting, art, helping you, helping others.  This is my Owl for this challenge.  Over at the Hive there is more challenges if you want to join in.  They have one for anything "Autumn".  I may get time to join in on that one too.  There are so many talented artist on that site and even though I like mine I think there are much better ones already posted but I don't let that stop me, I think the more you play the better you eventually become. 

This little fellow is painted on cotton canvas with acrylic paint and even though it doesn't show well in my picture there is some twinkling h2o's in the background and some tiny silver stars on the hat.  It took me a full day to sketch and then paint and will be hung with some orangery and black ribbons and if I can find a cute vintage button or two that may be added as well.