Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunflower's In My Garden

Last month I won a contest at FAMM and the prize was a package of Lutradur and a E Book from
 CT Publications.  I was so excited that I actually won something and, that I would be getting some of this Lutradur in my hands!  The new monthly challenge came around and it was to use something transparent.  See previous post for my entry.  BUT! - I had this idea spinning in my head and it just had to come out!  So I sent a second entry using the Lutradur (seems only right anyway) and well I just love it, even though it is a second entry, it meets the requirements.  Wish me luck a second time around.   

First I tried to print on the Lutradur but my printer does not want to cooperate, not that it couldn't be the operator mind you.  So I took a pencil sketched out as best I could the picture I had in mind, right on the Lutradur.  Thought hmmm markers?  tried it no too light my markers are old!  OK well how about Twinkling H2O's  I truly love that paint.  OK well that was nice enough but it still lacked POP!  So I added a little acrylic paint.  Have you ever noticed that yellow acrylic paint is so thin???!!! So I added a few more layers of paint.  Topped it off with a little bit of detail with my black Sharpie pen.

And then WOW came to me and my bright ideas!  What if I machine stitched it with pretty variegated rayon thread that I bought about 5 years ago (yeah I am not kidding) and never used.  So I did, well that opened a whole new can of worms!   I have never really done this sort of thing before so I was winging it.  It seemed like it took forever and a day but finally I was happy with the stitching.  Oh how I wish I could free motion stitch on my machine!  I also added some fine netting to the center that I hand stiched down and cut slices in it to add more texture.  So because I love shinny glittery things I added a bit of stickles which I bought last year and guess what - yep never used!  Ouuuuhhhhh I like it!  I then after searching high and low found my heat gun and went to work melting the Lutradur, that wasn't enough!  So I got out my wood burning tool and melted more!  My hubby asked me if I was trying to get high?  LOL I was outside but it still smelled over his spaghettie sauce!  So there I was, sitting here at my computer and thinking it needs to say something!  So I did a search for quotes, and poems and found this lovely poem and borrowed it.  Here is the link to the original poem.  The author is unknown so I am thinking it is OK to use, but I really wish the author would come fourth.  It almost sounded like  Isabel Fiske Conant from back in the 1930's but I guess it isn't hers.  I just wrote it out on a piece of loose woven muslin with my trusty Sharpie Pen and hand stitched it on.  I think my youngest daughter may like this but I am not sure she changes like the wind!