Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I finally finished Autumn who was suppose to be Mrs. Keys, but poor old Mrs. Keys got lost along the way when she fell into a pile of leaves. 
This has been for me the most difficult doll I ever made.  I don't think she is perfect in any way and she may change again.  Her head is paper clay, her bust and arms are paper clay over cloth and her bottom was the same until I decided to cut if off!  OMG it was hideous! So I made a wire cage, first out of hangers, which was so difficult and didn't work well at all.  My hubby came to the rescue with something called mechanics wire.  I love that stuff!
Here is a side view.  Her hair is lambs wool and her top is made from silk fall leaves.  The small leaves I cut out of large leaves because I couldn't find tiny fall leaves again this year.  So I made my own!  I have stressed over this doll and want to put her in a box!  LOL poor doll.

Here is the other side.  She was suppose to have a hat, but alas I could not find a hat and didn't make one.

I used some charms to hang on her wire form that I received in a swap and some Debbie Mumm card stock that I love.  I don't know why they appear so dull in the picture they are quite festive and bright.

Another view.  I put the orange tulle in the bottom and it is removable but I really kind of liked that.

And here is a full view. 
So when it is all said and done she looks OK to me.  A little delicate and festive.  Sorry my pictures really don't do her justice.  All in all I love paper clay it is easy to work with and I will be trying another soon.