Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Meeting of Minds in the Autum Equinox

Do you remember a few post ago (here) where I made an ATC for the Autumn Equinox Swap, hosted by Lisa Fulmer?  I decided to go ahead and expand it and make my ATC into a  little quiltie for the FAMM challenge this month.  This is the results of that quiltie. 
It measures 13 by 27.  I know odd size but it can be trimmed down if I want it to be smaller or just leave it the way it is...I have no idea what I am going to do with all these little quiltie thingies when it is all said and done.  So here are a few close ups, so you can get the BIG picture because so many times when looking on the Internet at a picture you miss a bit of details.
Here we have the middle, where I tried a new technique called cracked fabric.  I learned this on the web and I wish I could remember where exactly so I could give the person the proper credit.  Her cracked fabric was actually cracked fabric paper I think.  I used lutradur in the space I cut out only because my machine would just cease to sew if I tried to jump seams with it.  I was going to burn out the lutradur but rather liked the misty white effect it has, so it gets to stay!
Here we have what represents the night, the fall the change of season.  I used pre fab leaves and accented them with a variegated thread and outlined with some gold.  The gold is shinny but not so shinny in the picture.  The flower is fabric, it was cut with a Tim Holtz die.  My sister has the machine and dies so when I visited her I cut a bunch of them out.  Oh how I wish I had that machine!  Some day!

Finally here we have what represents days of summer and sunshine.  Each little swirly was hand cut because I don't have any pre cut ones and I just had to find a way to use this wonderful batik fabric,  it was so sunny!  I outlined with a dark blue thread and then couched some beautiful gold lame but unfortunately I didn't have enough so I tried to place the thread strategically and then finished it off with gold metallic fabric paint.

Why the kiss? well why not?  to me it is like the meeting of two minds or in this case two worlds, two times in space ahhhhhhhhhhh the Equinox!   Peace

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