Thursday, April 10, 2008


Over at the Creative Self group we are working on seascapes. Here is my preliminary pic. I used fine sand and gel medium for the the bottom, I have actually added more since this picture but that will come another day. I am adding texture with some texture paste, and yarn and teenie little sea shells from Daytona or Sanible or somewhere. I always collect this stuff but do not remember where I got it from. This is far from done but when it is I will show ya all. I do not have much faith in this one so we will see and I will show good or bad.

I am also working a bunch of other stuff but have not been on it due to not feeling too great lately but will get some more pics up asap. I did doodle a bunch of alphabets for Milliande's Creativity Club on Yahoo but the too will post another day. I was thinking of making another blog for that stuff in case someone wants to use them for journals and such. Any ideas out here?

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mary schweitzer said...

I really like what you're doing with texture on this. can't wait to see more.