Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Relay For Life

Well the books are closed and my Doctor's booth raised $500.00 plus for the Relay For Life! Every little bit helps! It was a small relay because it rained all weekend. I did not get to attend because I got the flu the day before and could not manage to get out of the house. Yes the flu, I caught it from the emergency room visit a few days before. *Note to Self - Stay OUT of the EMERGENCY ROOMS even if it is and emergency! I sat there for 11 hours, one hour would of probably gotten me the same results, and I would not have gone but my surgeon sent me there.


Thank You everyone for all your help and as soon as I can I will have a proper thank you in the mail! Nothing much but a little something just to say thanks for your support.

Now on to what this blog is all about ART! if you want to know the personal junk you will have to go to the other blog of mine - the link is on the left under things that matter to me.


Connie said...

Shelley did you ever receive the few things I sent you? I am just curious if they were helpful. I hope you are feeling well - I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your inspired art!

Moonwillow said...

Hmmm I will try to email you again. But just in case yes I did and thankyou for the heart and tooth and nail. My doctor bought the heart for his wife and I kept the tooth and nail, wear it to chemo as you suggested!