Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Alone again so I waxed

Ha ha not what you thought eh? This is a wax resist watercolor painting. Never did one of these before, interesting effect. I used a regular ole white crayola for the moon, reflection of the moon and bird, and some yellow and orange crayolas for the grasses. I then watercolored at random really mixing on the paper with lots of water making a mess. When it dried I touched up here and there with a pigma pen. Not one of my greatest works but at least I did something!

My sis left yesterday. I am glad we had the time together but as always I never want it to end. I miss her all the time, silly that we live so far apart. I always feel stronger and more grounded with her around. I gave her my button fairies and the doll and some other stuff, maybe she will share with my neices if they want one. She is my strongest supporter. OXOX

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