Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Imagine" Metal and Stitch

Another project completed!  Yay me!  This one I called "Imagine" it is a metal and stitch project.  How did this come about you may ask?  Well at the Fiber Arts Mixed Media   group they have monthly challenges.  This month you were to pick one material: cotton, velvet, felt, linen, wood, metal, paper and

                                            one medium: paint, pencils, markers, ink, glue, thread
from this list and create something.  This is what I came up with.

                                                                 This is a close up

                                                                   an    overall  view                                                                                                         A little bit closer.

This is done on aluminum screening using pearl cotton and craft sheet metals.  There is one square of copper.  The flowers are little metal die cut daisy's that I have had for oh I don't know about one hundred years or so.  Also added some charms from Tim Holtz collections. 

Stitching on screen is harder than you think.  I would start doing one thing and ending up doing another because I wanted the back to look as good as the front and every little thread out of place shows.  I also got poked quite a few times because I couldn't find my masking tape and heck why would I that would make too much sense!  I was terrified of trying my sewing machine on it so it is all done by hand.  I think it is screaming for beads to be added but the idea was to use two items....sooooooooooo there you have it!  Right now it is a wall hanging but I think it may end up being the front of a journal cover, the jury is still out on that thought right now.  Most likely it will end up in a plastic baggie and thrown into a bin and not seen again for a year or two.  Art keeps me off the street!

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