Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poetic Possibilities

Last June I went to Buffalo, NY to see my sister, and we embarked on a "journey" with Tim Holtz.  He was holding his classes at Buffalo Stamps and we were attending!  It was way exciting for words, a lifelong dream of mine to finally meet Tim.  In one of his classes he taught patchwork pandemonium, and this is my interpretation from his lips to my ears.

There were what my mind estimated about one thousand pieces to be made and assembled in what my mind said was "OMG! NOT ENOUGH TIME!"  Ha that's what my logical part of my mind said.  The other part was saying....listen to Tim...let it go! let it go!  and before I knew it I was creating pieces with wild abandon much like a person attending the Mad Hatter tea party.

The pieces were cut but we had to ink, paint, distress, emboss, rub, and then put them all in this wonder of order, which when at first glance I was (logically thinking) saying "ha not gonna fit".  Much to my surprise they all fit just as Tim said they would.   I am telling you the man is a genuine genius!
Needless to say I didn't finish it until this morning.  I did get an acceptable part of it done, however I wanted to add some of my own things to it to fully make it mine.  I also did considerably more stitching on it just because I wanted to.
We had these darling little hanger, and this is where the words "poetic possibilities" is located.   I like the sound of that little phrase, they were actually random words out of a book but hey they work for me.  I think of all the possibilities that someone could do with this.  Each piece is grunge board, individually done in an assortment of techniques which was the point of the class, learning technique.  It is mounted on chipboard to hold it all together. 
Tim said we were the last time he was teaching this particular class, so I was really glad that I got to take it.  I took all of his classes and will be posting more items in the days to come.  I want to say this about the man, he is really inspirational and truly a blessed and kind person. 

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Lyneen said...

love your interpretation... what a wonderful assemblage. Congrats on meeting Tim... I too hope to do that one day!