Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some People Are So Transparent....

                                     You Can See Right Through Them!

FAMM for August Challenge was to use something transparent in art.  So my mind immediately clicked to the old saying "Some people are so transparent you can see right through them".  Although that statement is slightly cynical it has a bit of truth to it.  So I made a transparent girl with what else?  transparencies with transparent vellum wings.  Then I got to thinking about that subject.
And decided she needed a Bullsh** meter to stand on, and the little plastic fish to depict "fishy stories" or "fish tales" as you wish. 
Of course they must live in a transparent world.... and of course they "embellish" their phrases

So they have transparent hearts(see the transparent hearts?) and words.  I mean really how many times have people said things to you to sway your thoughts their way, or perhaps say things they didn't mean to make you feel better?  Told you this was cynical!  LOL take heart I don't mean it.  Uh Oh am I being transparent?  So to add a little interest I needed to add some textiva, I love that stuff!  Besides the little colorful kitty had to hide in the transparent grass because she like her person is a curious creature.  I added the netting to show how they get caught up.....eventually.
                 Here we have the finished piece of the transparent person Tra La La'ing through life. 
I used the most delicate lace paper in the top half of this canvas, it almost fell apart as soon as I adhered it.  I need to find some more of that stuff, it is truly great! 

NOTE*  This is by no means a personal reflection on any one person known by this author. 
I learned this particular phrase from my Mother as I was growing up, it must be an old saying and she still says it today.  I may gift this one to her.

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