Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the Birds!

I haven't created much in such a long time! I am not really sure why, other than I have been kind of busy both mentally and physically and really don't want to go into the details. Most of my stuff is packed in boxes because I was suppose to move across the land and now I am staying my stuff is still packed!... and that my friends is for the birds! So I made a what else? Bird!

Isn't she colorful?

A close up of her face...she has false eyelashes of course.

A view from the top, I used some recycled copper wire and beads for the tail and comb.

I laid her down so you could see her belly! How embarrassed she must be! I am not big on sewing anything that actually makes something so this I guess I would have to label more of a craft project (like my dolls) instead of quilting or sewing. I do admire those that do all that quilting and sewing but the truth is I have to get my hands dirty.

Anyway I have a lot of plans for this bird pattern that I got from Nellies Needles Blog and she has patterns and tutorials of other way cool stuff for the crafty chick who thinks out of the box or in as the case may be.

I have plans of making this bird out of grunge board paper and so really cool ranger products that go with grunge board. I wanted to try it with fabric first though to make sure it was what I wanted and it is close enough.

This really all started back when my sister took a Wendy Vechi class as seen an earlier post in May called "Just Charming". I was trying to find the darn birds along with a half million others and came close to carving my own but just never got around to it. Well this little bird doesn't even come close but I see a lot of possibilities and it was easy peasy to make. The whole thing from start to finish took me about 8 hours and that was with so much procrastination thinking "should I do this? or....that?" The hardest part was the legs that I made from and old hanger - let me just say I am not as strong as I once was!

I can also envision it made out of a few vintage embroidered and laced hankies of which I have many. That would be more delicate and I have a Mother who would probably love that for Mother's Day this year.

If you make one I would love love love to see it! Just leave a comment with your link and I will go take a looksee!

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