Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reflect The True You

This was a doodle and it sort of took off in a myriad of direction. It was also going to say "there was a little girl, who had a little curl ...." lol don't ask.
There is tissue paper, gesso, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, acrylic paint, markers, rub on, magazine flowers, chalks and of course a little bit of bling. She looks a little dated back in the 70's as I sit here with my little ipod listening to Santana and such lol. The white frame is added after the fact courtesy of Paint Shop as is my siggy. Thinking I rather like it and may do it for real.

As for "Reflect the true you" well I can't emphasize how very important thoes words are because you get one shot at life and if you can't be true to yourself you will wander the earth forfreaking ever!


jackie said...

I LOVE your girl! Did you take Suzi Blu's class? So much depth to this piece!

Moonwillow said...

No I didn't get to take her class
:( I have been drawing this kind of stuff since I was just a kid in 3rd grade lol. I am a fan of Suzi's though,I just love her stuff! Thank YOU for your comment! oxox

Pearl Maple said...

Fun image, always enjoy your inspired creations.