Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Painting Pansy's the Photoshop Way

While I am waiting for PSPU to reopen I have to have something to do so I decided to try a tutorial over at Eagles Rest Graphics. This is a tut on alpha channels and painting that Susi has provided. Click here that will take you to the tutorial if you want to have a go at it.

So what is an alpha channel? That I don't know concerning this but it was fun! That's me putting the donkey before the cart, I am sure that will be covered in class somewhere down the road. As far as I can see it is explained as a file within a file. Masks, settings and info can be stored in this Alpha Channel. As long as you save as a .pspimage or .psd that alpha channel remains there, with the items within out of sight until you load/recall (in the case of a mask) from that Alpha Channel. In this case someone else saved the image as such for people like me to play with. One day I will make some for others to play with.

I found this a lot of fun, and a bit of a challenge. Everything I know about painting had to be temporarily shoved aside because this is nothing like the real thing but has similar, possibly better results. In my head I am thinking OK now paint one with your paint and brushes on an actual canvas and compare. I may try that if I have the right colors of paint in my stash without having to go buy some. This also took me longer to do, 2 days - only because I really screwed up yesterday an just deleted the whole thing and started over today.

I learned a few things from this tutorial, I learned how people get the shading so perfect (well as perfect as the artist's eye) and patience! I used my Wacom tablet for some of it but I am still having trouble coordinating my eye and hand movements, and I grip the pen too tight thus click goes the little buttons at the most inconvenient times! there is the fact that my brain still thinks the harder I press the darker or blendyer (new word) it will be. Got to stop doing that before I wear out the tablet and the pen from heavy usage.

Well hope you enjoyed this little bit, I am sure there will be more soon!

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Pearl Maple said...

How cool, we can do all kinds of pretty things with computer technology these days.

How have you been? Has spring arrived in your part of the world?

Very dull here, lots of running around looking for jobs and not enough of the fun stuff!