Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moon Gone Digital

Where have I been? Well long story but I am trying to be back now so that is all that really matters. So while I was gone I decided to try digital. There is a lot to be said for digital work, it has always interested me but I really never pursued it until now. The only thing is you can't expect miracles overnight, as it is a long process to learn.

I joined a group, and I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out. The group is called PSP University and they are some fantastic people willing to teach quite a lot. They share too, and in return you do the lessons and share back as soon as you can. Quite simple. Now this group is for Paintshop Pro and you can get free copies of that if you don't have it, but if you know a little bit about Photoshop you can do the lessons in that too. They have a few rules as all groups do, and believe me they are fair but necessary rules. You work at your own pace, and it is like going to school with lesson, a final and even graduation.

I made a slide show of some of the Freshman lessons I have learned there. Note please that some of the tube graphics are not NOT mine but if you like the tube you can go to the website listed on the picture and get the tube, please leave a thank you comment and READ the TOS. I did learn how to tube finally and I love it! The biggest challenge is finding the right photo to tube from and it has to be your own or something like Dover clips(which I use a lot) also there are some really cool thing from old postcards that you can snag which I will probably do soon.

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