Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Body Image

This is the latest journal posting from the Art Techniques Group over on Yahoo. This was done on Thursday while I was getting my warriors infused. A little sloppy but it is hard to concentrate and also I am usually as high as a kite on Thursday's lol added benefit. Not sure it helps me art very well though. The part that matters to me is where it says the following.

Our bodies are the bridge between life energy and psychical form, look at your body without the interfering judgements of the others, the body image contributes to the sense of who you think you are the size does not matter.

Some people feel a diminished sense of self worth because they perceive their body as ugly or imperfect. The mental image or concept of your body is a complete distortion of reality.

The rest of what I wrote is a rambling of thoughts past and present in no particular order but they do tell a story. The rest is up to you.

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