Tuesday, June 17, 2008

By the Light....Light....Light....Light...Light of the Silvery Moon

Wow another post in the same day! This is another small 5 x 5 canvas painting/ collage that I completed last night. TV in the summer really sucks so this is what I do, unless I am on the puter or talking on the phone, depending on how I feel and what time it is. Not sure what to do with all these little paintings but I am thinking of putting them on Etsy.

Here is a closer look at the actual Moon. This painting was inspired from a beautiful sun catcher my daughter sent me when she was shopping at Cape May. Of course the sun catcher is much more beautiful but I like how this turned out too. Again my photography is not that great but you get the idea.

I have alot of project going, and I should be working on my workshop projects, but I am more or less letting my muse take control and this is what happens. I blame all my terrific fellow artist, they put out some gorgeous stuff that just continues to inspire my muse.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Mornin' Moon - that sounds suspiciously like a book title lol.
You really painted this? I thought you'd sewn it at first , it looks so much like the design on a babies quilt!
Ya know , it would be a cute series in a babies room!

G'night Moon lol